Medical Ecosystem

Personalised - Ai - Decentralised - Blockchain

Lepton Lab

Facilitating users to anonymize and upload their medical history to the Blockchain with different access levels. Decentralisation implementing pharmaceutical research community accountability, and immutable medical records resistant to 'modification'.
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Proton Lab

Enabling researchers to access, purchase and analyse medical profiles. Facilitating: monetization and open source data analysis thus closing the ubiquitous disparity between computing experts involvement in medicine and clinicians technological comprehension.
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Fermion Lab

Building two AI models: Neutron, based on the language and numeric data set from the proton lab, used for diagnosis, prognosis and testing. Atom, utilising quantum wave formula to build a 'particle level up' machine learning digital representation of the patient called the 'Quark Reflection', used for virtual medical testing.
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Boson Lab

Utilising the Neutron and Atom AI modules to facilitate decision making automation, diagnosis and atomic scale surgical accuracy in hospital and homecare clinical robotic applications. Resulting in Medicine 5.0, the clinical quantum revolution.
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